The Key To Life’s Perfect Balance

Hi Beautiful People, 

Have you ever found yourself saying “time goes quicker every year!” Like, how is it the middle of July already!?!?! 

It seems like time is going quicker, (which it isn’t) we just get busier. Among our ‘busy-ness’, many of us are searching for the perfect balance, and many are trying to be the perfect persona…. speaking as a woman, (mother, wife, business-woman or other amazing roles in life you play) because our schedules seem like there is no time to breathe.

Chasing the perfect persona

There are many times we question who we are, and sometimes compare ourselves to those we think have the perfect lives, or who have it all. images (8)

Society’s idea of perfection – I’m not perfect!


*I’ve lied (a lot)
*Cheated (once)
*Been the ‘other’ party
*Stole (possible kleptomania)
*Bullied (not bad, but none is excusable)
*Physically assaulted people (and been locked up)
*Done drugs
*Used people
*Hurt people
*Wished ill on another
*Bitched and gossipped

All of the above, plus more AND written hurtful things about others and shared it publicly.

I can’t say any of the above I am proud of, though every single thing has a story (most will appear in my book). But I will say, I had a hard look at what I did (when I became self-aware) and realised what I had done and written wasn’t true to the person I was then, it was based on the old me and I chose differently. I had to forgive myself, and move forwards choosing to make better decisions and be a better person from there on out.


img_1021I can’t change anything I’ve done. I can’t take them back. I could regret some, but who will my regret help? Nobody, so whats the point? It’s wasted energy. There are a few things I wish I hadn’t have done or had done differently, however, like I mentioned above, I forgave myself and chose differently.

Own it!

There are things as I said I’m not proud of, yet I own it. It’s mine. I did it and I don’t shy away from it. What’s the point of living an honest life if you hide the things you’ve done? (This took some serious personal growth to get there)


I’ve done a lot of things which could make me look like a bad person. Good people do bad things sometimes. I’ve known forever I am a good person at heart who along the way made some bad decisions, did some bad things, it doesn’t make me a bad person though.

I’ve done good too! 🙂

*I’ve lied (a lot)  ~ I’ve been honest
*Cheated (once) ~ I’ve been faithful
*Been the ‘other’ party  ~ I’ve said no
*Stole (possible kleptomania) ~ I’ve returned accidentally stolen goods and paid for it (we’ve all forgotten we had something in our trolley)
*Bullied (not bad, but none is excusable) ~ I’ve stood up for another being bullied
*Physically assaulted people (and been locked up)  ~ I’ve helped prevent violence
*Done drugs  ~ I’ve educated others about drugs
*Used people ~ I’ve offered my services to others
*Hurt people ~ I’ve helped people
*Wished ill on another  ~ I’ve wished peace to others (even those I didn’t like)
*Bitched and gossipped  ~ I’ve stood up for another’s honour


Becoming a Better Person

Do you ever want to be better than the things you’ve done?

I wanted to live an impeccable life (from the four agreements) and I wanted to set a truly honourable example for my kids. I wanted to be a good person and know 100% of myself was making a positive impact on my own life and the lives of those around me.

Start with honesty. You’ve got to get brutally honest with yourself. Look inwards not outwards. It’s not pretty, to begin with, uncovering all your warts. Truly admitting your own faults and flaws, yet, it’s one of the most rewarding things you can do if you want to live the life of your dreams.

Selfish vs. Self-ish

download (2)I admit I’ve been selfish in my life, not often, but I’ve been there. I had never been self-ish however. I always put others before myself, which is easy to do. (Especially as a parent)

We rarely take time just for us, (without feeling guilt ridden). I started putting myself first (without the guilt) and I began to treat myself with love. Thanks to the beautiful late Louise Hay, I found self-love tactics (Mirror-work, positive affirmations, positive self-talk) and the results were phenomenal.

Eventually, I realised, I am THE perfect person!!

The saying goes “Nobody is perfect”, I disagree. 100-perfect

I found myself looking in the mirror one day, and knew there and then, I was perfect. Not the perfect society has constructed and led us to believe by looking at the cover of a photoshopped magazine, or billboards, I mean truly, 100% perfect, inside and out, exactly as I am, no changes necessary. And if I changed, or put on weight, or lost weight, or got a huge pimple, or shaved my head, I would STILL be perfect, in every single way. Exactly. As. I. Am.


We are ALL perfect. Imperfectly Perfect!!

You may not realise and see your perfection, it is my hope you do! Acceptance of who you are, where you are right now is life-changing.

We all have hopes and dreams and wishes to be fulfilled, and our we strive with almost desperation to achieve them, getting caught in the busy-ness, where time goes so quickly. Do you ever feel like you’re running out of time?

Rather than living in the past or the future, think about honouring where you are right now for who you are in this moment. Everything you’ve done, been, said, seen, experienced has led you to this very moment.

No matter what you’ve done, at any given time, you can only ever do your best. Honour yourself. 0.365x365 (7)


As for the perfect balance

With the way life constantly changes, I believe the balance changes also.

Ensuring you have time for you and self-care each day is absolutely guaranteed to give you more time back.

Bringing yourself into the highest state of vibration, or positivity, not only uplifts your mood, it makes you more productive and reduces your stress. With higher levels of happiness, you’re naturally more motivated to achieve the things on your ‘to do’ list.

YOU are the key to the perfectly balanced life.

Making yourself a priority, to do the things you love, or which bring you into a calmer and happier state of being, will leave you more balanced. When you’re balanced, it allows a natural flow of balance and harmony into your life.

Bring more love into your life, through meditation, nature, mindfulness, art, yoga, fitness, or in whichever means necessary to bring the perfect balance to your life.

And, remember you’re perfect, every single day, and make yourself a priority if you want to create a happy balance in your life.

You’ll be glad you did.

Have a wonderful day.

Love You.

Love Me.

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