Hi Beautiful People, 

While I have spoken to many of you individually, there are lots of you who have been asking where I’m up to with my book (autobiography), and I’m SO excited to be able to share with you my latest news below.


I’ve just been through a period of a few weeks of having a group of beta readers go through my book in sections and provide feedback.
It was an invaluable experience, which made it all the more exciting and enjoyable. For anyone who may be writing a book, I highly recommend this process.

It was incredibly rewarding, and exciting for many reasons. girl-reading-a-book-at-home_free_stock_photos_picjumbo_HNCK3576-2210x1473

One, someone read my book! Haha. Even if it wasn’t at it’s finest, I had a reader (x6)

Two, I was able to work on real-time feedback and discuss what was going through the readers’ mind when each section was read. This gave me insight into how my writing was being perceived and if everything flowed. The general consensus was my writing was engaging, interesting, intriguing and my story made them emotional and kept them wanting to read. (WINNING)

Three, it helped me improve my book beyond what I could have done on my own. I know my story, but they didn’t. And sometimes, the things I knew, weren’t portrayed. (Like little holes not filled, and gaps not quite complete). This helped patch things up and reminded me to ensure I think about how my stories and their completion.

Four, it helped me to think of things I had not considered beforehand. This was a big one for me. I have never taken any writing courses or classes, or really ever even ventured into researching about how to successfully write a book, the do’s and don’ts or any of the technical side of things. I was brand spanking new to writing a book, so to have feedback of things I was doing well, and things I could do better was really helpful in general in order to improve my writing. The one thing I’m incredibly proud of is the fact my general writing, and how I speak, was well received and several people said I have a great writing style. (It wasn’t a dog’s breakfast! Ok, the first copy was, but only 1 person other than me got to see it.)


“I think you have inspired just one person [me] but thousands is the way you travel.”

“I love the book.”

“I’m intrigued by the book.”

strong-woman-sayings“You need to know you are a powerful woman. Your words throughout reading your book and your afterword has really resonated with me.”

“I can say that given what you have been through. I think people will relate to it given the numerous things you have been through there will be a part in there for everyone.”

“Your story is both inspiring and impressive.”

“I really enjoyed reading it and I think it was really engaging. I did find myself having to put it aside sometimes because it felt overwhelming and I was scared to read more. That’s a good sign for me. It happens when I really get immersed in the story so definitely you managed that well.”

“Many of the things that happened to you are things that at least for me..happen only in movies.”

“I thought it was a great read. Descriptive. Well balanced. A story of strength, Courage and despite so many trials where some would just give up and give in you fought. You fought for a better life, a better you. You fought for what you deserved…. to be happy and to be loved! And while doing so you are now going to fight for so many others when they read your story.”

“I loved the ending! I loved the description and analogy.”

“I wouldn’t have put it [the book] down I don’t think. Not put the book down but stop momentarily to catch my breath as I was either holding my breath as I was trying to read so fast to get to the end of a scene or because of how I felt and how my emotions were while reading.”


OMG. I’m SO excited to share with you all……

Today….. I hit send with my manuscript attached…. d3b6dee56a0913acd142354c04a1fe7b



To my beautiful editor Karen Collyer.


I’m SO excited to be able to work with Karen. She came highly recommended from a friend and from the times I spoke to her, and the sample I received back, I knew she was the one for me with her unique and perfectly matched style of editing.

I’m deeply looking forward to seeing my final copy come to life.


I have decided to self-publish, which is typically more popular in today’s day and age than the traditional style of having a publishing house, or agent.

I decided it was best for me to get this out, as quickly and with as much creative control as I could retain, and from everything I have since researched, self-publishing has been made fairly easy for indie authors, which is fantastic.


You can publish a book for free, totally, 100% free. If you choose to. The option is made available to you, and your budget really does drive the style of book you publish.

I wanted my book to be the best possible version it could be, and not look like it was done cheaply. I wanted it to look, feel, read and generally be a professionally published book.


Each to their own, but my ideas of professionally published, meant I needed to use professionals to get me there, and like anything, you pay for the quality of service you receive.

Aaaaaand, it surprised me how expensive the whole exercise can get.

I’m not being silly, and there are some of the things I am paying for which I could do myself, but there I arrive back to quality. I could stress about it, and try to find my way through it, only to learn I had done it all wrong and have to do it again, or it was shit, however many times, OR pay someone who knows what they’re doing and gets it done right the first time.

I considered going down the crowd-funding route, as many people do to get books published, which again, is an amazing option made available to the public to support others, but opted in the end not to.

I am incredibly blessed and lucky to have been supported in other ways and be able to find my way through. I’m not finished yet, and there are still a few unknowns, however, I know I’ll find my way. I wouldn’t have gotten this far to fall short in the end. (May have to sell a body part… kidding).


download (2)


Well, now my manuscript is in the trusted hands of my editor, it will be read through and formatted. Any areas which could be improved, or I need to add more information on, will be updated, and then the final copy will be polished and shined.

From there, it will need to be formatted with the font type, size, layout and prepared for print and e-book versions.

Then, once the final copy is approved for print, it will be uploaded and I’ll get to see the final product within a couple of weeks!! (I, of course, need to check and be happy with the final product and if I require anything changed, revise, and go through the last process, if not, I select the release date and then it is ready to purchase on the date and time of choice!!!

Voila!! – I’m then a published Author!


I expect the final process to take a couple more months at least to ensure everything is ready to go. You can’t rush perfection 😉 (though there’s never such a thing as a perfect manuscript so I’ve learned)


New Website download (1)

New Facebook

New Instagram

Snippets into the creative design of the cover

Last but not least – BOOK TOUR!!!

Yep, I’m travelling baby!

For all you beautiful people who’ve supported this crazy journey of mine, there’ll be chances to come along and get a special signed copy (which SO many of you have asked for, some even demanded, haha).

Stay tuned for more information, and to be sure you don’t miss out on any updates, or tour dates, add your email address below to receive the updates straight into your inbox.

Love Me

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