New Website!! Let’s Celebrate with a Book Giveaway.

Hi Beautiful People, 

So my website has had a face-lift. (Well overdue) I love it!
I would love to hear your feedback!!

I’ve decided to celebrate with a Book Giveaway. This is going to be a ‘thing’ on my blog for my awesome readers! Keep your eye out for more soon (I have a pretty cool stash!) Be sure to subscribe for sneaky giveaways for subscribers only. c8574b2bc37efc82ad05a2a154bc8c9b

The Universe constantly provides books in amazing places for incredible prices and I just can’t help but want to share. I keep my fair share of course (I’m running out of space, anyone got a spare bookcase?) hehe 😉

One of my last bundles of incredible finds included the AMAZING book by Louise Hay You Can Heal Your Life. 



I’d never heard of Louise Hay until a gorgeous woman at a Spiritual Expo a couple of years ago picked up on my devastating low self-esteem. She told me I needed to discover Louise Hay. It took me months to do anything. Until I saw the movie You Can Heal Your Life available to watch for free from Hay House. I jumped on it and immediately fell in love with her. Louise’s philosophies have played a pivotal role in learning to Love Thyself ever since. Now strongly integrated into my life, I preach whenever and wherever I can hoping to continue her legacy.

Self-Love is so important! The most important relationship you should ever have is with yourself. Taking care of YOU is integral to life. Be Self-ish all the time.

You are #1



Short and sweet, our bodies are WAY more incredible than we ever realised and this book helps you understand your body on a deeper level. Discover how to heal yourself and bridge the connection between emotions and illnesses with tools to overcome them.

I’m unsure where you are on your own path, this book will be an amazing addition for you regardless!  I’m so excited to send it to one of you lucky beings.


T&C’S ?

I’m so glad you asked! Same as last time, leave a comment below with a number between 108 and 801. Be sure to leave your email address so I can reach you when you win. (Please ensure you leave a number in your comment….) and check nobody else has chosen the number you pick as first in best dressed.

This giveaway is for Australian residents only postage is on me! I’m all about giving back and my addiction is overflowing (plus I already have a copy, a 2nd one was too good to pass by.) Lucky for you!! 🙂 The winner will be drawn by random online number generator.


Share this post on any social media platform and tag me in the post (handles below). Then add another entry with the comment “Shared (IG, FB, Twitter) along with your number.”

Be sure to tag me so your entry can be verified !!
IG @thoughtful perspectives
Twitter @ThoughtfulPersp

1 Bonus Entry per platform means you can have up to 4 entries. WHOO HOO!!


New subscribers will also get 1 more entry! That’s a total of 5 entries which increase your chances of winning by (1×5/100*E=mc2) = LOTS! (do you like my math?) 😉 Hopefully no math teachers or number gurus read this LOL (subscribe at the bottom of the page on phone or table or to the right on PC / Mac)

I’m going to leave this one open a little longer, entries will close Saturday 31st March 2018 @ 5pm WST. 

Happy Sharing!!

Don’t forget to leave your thoughts below on the new and improved website too! 

Have fun and remember you can be or do anything you want to, simply put your mind to it, so it is!

Love Me!

This beauty could be ALL YOURS!!

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