Do You……?…….!

Hi Beautiful People,

What an incredible week it has been!! Did you manage to catch the ultimate Super Blue Blood Moon? What a treat it was to witness something so magnificent.

I parked my butt on the lawn across the road at the park with my girls, we were decked out with yoga mats, blankets, pillows, drinks, and of course the mozzie spray (10 seconds in my little one got eaten alive so she ran back inside). I sat, grounded, meditated, felt the beauty of the event happening which we are unlikely to ever witness again in our lives. It reminded me of the days in the country when we had a solar eclipse. The town, standing in the middle of the road with our special sunnies on, all looking upwards as the incredible phenomenon took place.

It also made me contemplate how small we are. I sat looking up, the moon a gazillion miles away (tad exaggeration, without google I couldn’t tell you how far it really is), ok, i’ll google – brb……..

384,400kms from Earth, Google tells me. That’s ages away. My point is, something seemingly so huge is out there, and in comparison, we are so minute. So small yet so mighty and an integral part of the world. And there is a whole UNIVERSE full of other planets and worlds and life (I believe this), anyhoo…. i’m getting way off track of what I ACTUALLY wanted to write about. No photos, I wanted to enjoy the whole thing, for “ME” (” ” reason stated below). I enjoyed spending the special moment with the kids too.

My point…. DO YOU!!!!

downloadYes, my punctuation and grammar is correct. It’s not a question, it requires no follow up words to complete the statement.

Simply – DO – YOU!

What is it YOU like to do? What makes your heart sing? What makes you smile, feel free and want to play, laugh, dance, glow? What brings you JOY? When was the last time you felt Joy? Pure freedom in who YOU are. Not who you are expected to be, or who you try to be for everyone else! When did you feel closest with yourself? What makes you happy makes you the best YOU. (Think of a time you felt this way)……

What were you doing? How often do you do it?

Probably not enough! I know the same is usually true for me, though I consciously take the time now to ensure i’m filling my own cup first ee3251a1189019334dca484c3521a0cfto ensure i’m giving the best parts of me away to others. And Friday night, this came in the form of…….


I saw an event a few weeks ago pop up, it sounded AWESOME and I wanted to go. Then all the reasons why I couldn’t came in, time, kids, money, travel, blah blah blah…… and I never booked a ticket, until I went F*&% IT – I’m gonna do it! Having recently started a journey with yoga, the idea of connecting with myself on the beach with an incredible Tribal theme, drums and other instruments including the Didjeridu (LOVE) with sound healing and a meditation……. I couldn’t say no! So I said YES!

I rounded the rocks to an AMAZING cove right near the beach, it was stunning. A little spark went off in me when I saw the Didjeridu.


I’ve been watching Mandi J Nelson (yoga teacher) for a while now and I was eager to meet her. One of my faves Julian Silburn, an incredible Sound Healing Musician was also there. My whole spiritual journey began because of one of Julian’s sessions, my life has never been the same since. He also plays the crystal Didjeridu (O.M.G) one of theeeee most spectacular sounds I’ve ever heard in my life. We were also graced with the presence of Jacqui Scott, an incredible woman who brings the best YOU out in you.


Among the yoga and the amazing yet difficult movements in the sand (towels are difficult to do yoga on at the beach, just FYI), we were taken through a journey of remembering to love ourselves. We used our bodies to move, following moves, and then just let it open up and move, no rules, just move and be free. OMG, it felt amazing. I have always loved dancing, this was different, the intention behind it was to feel the love. No inhibitions, no judgements, of yourself or others, no fear of others judgements, just allow your body to move. (Like the saying “Dance like nobody’s watching) I had a brazillian dancing next to me, what a sight to see. She was


grooving with so much passion she was pulled up the front. Ana was her name, stunning. She painted my face before I painted hers. (coz a gal’s gotta have tribal markings at tribal yoga….) – I kinda think it looks a little like a butterfly!?

After Mandi led the Yoga, Jacqui led the love dance as talented musicians played a range of amazing instruments. At the end, she made us hug ourselves as she shouted profanities at us all (Feel the love, feel it for yourself, tell yourself how much you love you, if you don’t love you, you better come and see me, i’ll show you how to love you.)

This incredibly curvaceous, vivacious

Photo Credit Mandi J Nelson of the Beautiful Jacqui Scott

Jamaican woman with a beautiful red headpiece on with the largest smile shouted in such a way it cut to your core, she uplifted us all as she reminded us we have to be in love with ourselves, if we are not, nobody else can be either. If you didn’t love yourself before, you didn’t dare not after being with her! She was brilliant!


We need to be true to us, and be who we really want to be, not what other people want us to be. We need to stop trying to please everyone else, and start looking at things to please ourselves. THIS is what I mean when I write DO YOU222547-Be-Who-You-Are-Not-Who-The-World-Wants-You-To-Be

Do whatever it damn well takes to make you happy. (Ok, no need to go all psycho and stuff, be kind to others, especially when others aren’t kind to you). It’s imperative to make YOU a priority in your life. It’s unlikely anybody else is going to make you theirs.

So, do yourself a favour, crank the tunes, or drive to the beach, or sleep, walk, sleepwalk (no this can be dangrous), sing, dance, howl (ooh we howled tonight, it felt SOOOOO GOOOOD). Schedule some time each week just for you. I smiled SO much at this event, simply watching the connections and seeing the joy radiate on others faces. Do what you need to, to fill your life with joy, or at least add more to it.

Joy is the most incredible emotion and will attract amazing things into your life. We were all born with greatness in us, joy releases it and attracts more.

It feels good to feel good. Do more of what makes you feel good. The more you feel good, the more there is to feel good about. Make the time for you. In today’s crazy time, it’s important to… 27651225_10215747602545910_1043499933_o

Slow down.






Love me.

Namaste ❤

P.S. This was me at the end of the session. Joy emanating from me, thoroughly sandy, energised and grateful I said YES! ❤

**All links will lead to each individual if you would like to know more about them. Checkout the amazing work they do. ❤

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