Hey Beautiful,

I wanted to share something really cool with you!!

So, on my way to the chemist this afternoon to get some relief for my little one for her sore throat, I remembered the op-shop I love was also ‘right there’. Before I got to the chemist, I already decided I would stop in. I got the urge I sometimes get, (ok, I get it a lot) BUT in my defence, for good reason.

There is one particular op shop which tends to call me when it has gifts waiting for me. I hear the call and I know I have to go, always eager to discover what is waiting. I usually walk in, head straight for the book section and peruse the small section reserved for self-help / motivation. Today was no different, I beelined for the back right corner, and there was the most gorgeous little girl sitting on the floor reading a book. I smiled hugely at her, the sight of kids reading warms my soul and her energy was gorgeous. She smiled back and shuffled a little as I stepped around her.

Where is it? 

I always wonder if there is something I would like. Most of the time it is something the universe wants me to read and I’ve found I have the thought ‘where is it’ when I walk in now. (Sometimes there’s more). It’s become a bit of a habit, whenever I hear the call, there’s a particular book waiting. Books come to me this way so often I lost count, and the messages inside take me to another level of growth. I walk out saying prayers of gratitude for the gifts, every time. Also, doubly amazing, it’s an op-shop which means they’re cheap!! SCORE!!

Today was no different! Except, this time, the gift wasn’t for me, it is for someone else!!!!


The book I find is usually one of the last in the section. Today, I read the words “THE UNIVERSE HAS YOUR BACK” on the spine and grabbed it so fast I nearly punched the shelf! I was so excited!! One look, Great condition!! Apart from the tiniest tear in the back cover, it looks brand new! What a SCORE! I couldn’t leave it. I immediately knew it would be a freebie for someone (coz I have it already), but who? Could it be you?!

I’ve always been a believer in the Universe and it’s always come through for me. I don’t know why, or where, but religion didn’t cut it for me. I didn’t understand, I did, however, understand there is something bigger. It took a while to understand how the universe works, and I’m still discovering it in more ways, all the time in all its incredulity. The title of This book captures my belief absolutely!


images (2)

The Author of this book is Gabby Bernstein. (There are loads of goodies on her website). She’s been around for a long time, I only discovered her a few months ago though, and the first book of hers I ever owned is…… (drum roll)….. Yep, The Universe Has Your Back. (I now own more but want them all haha). I wanted it so badly and when I got it, I cried, then I read it in a day. I was so excited about everything I read, I cried again! It affirmed the things I believed and thought and also gave me some extra tools to help me when life got me down, or I had a problem, issue or concern I needed assistance with. Always reminding me, the Universe has my back and wants what’s best for me. Reminding me to trust, and to have faith. It moved me in many ways!

I don’t want to give it all away, it’s an amazing book and whether you’re a Spirit Junkie like me and gazillions of others, or you’ve never heard of Gabby Bernstein before, I promise she has the ability to help you in life, no matter what, and this book, is a huge winner in my book (no pun intended). I’ve listened to podcasts, taken online courses, read books, blogs, everything. She is INCREDIBLE!!


Ok, Ok. You prob don’t wanna read all my stuff, you just want the book right? That’s why you’re here. I don’t blame you! I know how much of a gift this book was and is for me, and I use it often. It lives in my bedside cupboard and I’ve highlighted areas in the book (first time I’ve ever put ink or anything in a book). I refer to it often and sometimes randomly open a page for a pick me up and there is a beautiful message there for me, relevant to the day / moment / occasion.

download (1)

I’ve received so many gifts, this is my turn to give back.  

I know this is meant to be a gift and I trust the universe will guide it to who it’s meant to go to.

To get your hands on this baby for FREE (Incl Postage), all you have to do is leave a comment below with a number between 108 and 1080 AND be sure to check back Friday night to see if you are the winner. I’ll use a random number generator and the person on or closest to the number will receive their gift from the Universe.*

**WE HAVE A WINNER** Congratulations Wilma Pritchard!!

*This is open to residents of Australia only.
Competition closes Friday 19th January 2018 5pm WST. 

**I respect your privacy and will not be using your email for anything. You can subscribe to receive future goodies direct to your inbox by adding your email at the bottom of the page.

Good Luck ❤
With Love


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