29 Simple Truths To Life!

Truths Of Life

Time always moves at the same speed
Yet we feel it fast and slow,
Time is taken for granted,
All we really have is right now, this you must know.

Life is ever-changing and evolving
It’s a given nothing stays the same,
You cannot stop it even though we try
At times with others, we lay the blame.

Seasons come and seasons go
With them lessons we must learn,
Season always come around again
As will lessons not learned as the season turn.

The older we get and experience more
Shapes us to become who we are,
We can let the past define us
Or refuse to let the past set the bar.

Our beliefs create our world
What we think so shall we be,
Nothing more and nothing less
I can, I am, I can’t, solely lies with we.

Be mindful of the words you speak
They have more power than you know,
Speak with integrity and understanding
Never seek to bring someone down low.

Wherever practicably possible
Never sleep on a fight,
Talk through the issues at hand
Or risk a sleepless night.

Our bodies are incredibly able things
Capable of much more than given credit,
When nourished in the right ways we’re rewarded
You only get one, so treasure it.

There are higher outside forces
Always at work, guiding our way,
Religious or not, whatever your beliefs
This is happening every single day.

The smallest of things make a difference
A word, a smile, a hug, a friend,
Kindness is worth more than any coin
It’s what truly matters in the end.

The more the things you own
The less you really have in hand,
True wealth lies in what money cannot buy
A lesson we each must understand.

Living in today’s’ society of entitlement
We take too many things for granted,
Only with an attitude of Gratitude
Will your feet stay firmly planted.

Most news, media and reporting
Keep us trapped in a world of fear,
All around us is a world of true beauty
We choose what we want to see and hear.

In a world of billions of people
We can call ourselves sincerely blessed,
To count true friends upon one hand
Being content with this is a test.

People will come into our lives
For a day, week, month or season,
Some will be around forever
Accept this, there is always a reason.

Regardless of who you are
Where you’ve been or what you’ve done,
Remember life is for living
Be happy, live with laughter, have fun.

We need to lighten up a little bit more
Our best is all we can insist,
Not take things so seriously
Perfection doesn’t exist.

For happiness, respect, self-worth and love
The responsibility ultimately lies with you,
Nobody can make you feel anything
you don’t allow for yourself, no matter who.

There is always more to learn
We are a student and a teacher,
We each have a cross to bare
Nobody likes an arrogant preacher.

Within each of us is incredible power
Seeking desperately to be unlocked,
We need to find the key buried inside
To open the door which is blocked.

Don’t get so caught up in building a life
You forget to pause and reflect,
We need the time to soothe our soul
To seek magic in nature, reconnect.

For all the bad in the world
Don’t forget there is also good,
Perspective is everything
And is highly misunderstood.

Each of us is exceptionally unique
It’s important to be who you are,
We must stay true to what is within us
Be authentic, shine your light you’re a star.

The world around us is expanding
There is no better time than now,
To teach our children a better way
And set the examples to show them how.

Find a passion, something you love
Anything to fill a void.
Time isn’t wasted
If it’s time you enjoyed.

As quickly as opportunities come they go
With risks comes the reward,
Fear is the ultimate killer of dreams
Time is a luxury nobody can afford.

There are too many dreams left lying
Inside boxes in the ground,
We can unlock and let our dreams soar
The gifts we have are profound.

Never save the best for last
Never wait too long,
Moments can be gone in the blink of an eye
Tell the ones you love where you belong.

No matter what questions you have
We must have faith, look to the skies above,
We have everything we need within
And the answer, is always, LOVE.

2 thoughts on “29 Simple Truths To Life!

  1. Hi ! I never normally comment on other people’s posts but I just came across your blog and I have to comment and tell you that I adore it! Your blog is so wonderful, I am so happy I just came across it. I am going to follow you right now so I can keep up to date with all of your posts; I look forward to your next ones! Keep up the great work (:


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