A Feather In The Wind

A Feather In The Wind

Once upon a time, there was a Crow who was a horrible scavenger and attacked anything in its path, it also chased other birds out of the way pecking at them. Wherever the Crow was it always boasted trying to show it was better than others.

One day the Crow dropped a small feather from its tail and was most displeased. The little feather had not asked to be let go but the Crow was angry with the Feather. The Crow put the feather down whenever it went to attack others and sometimes left it there for days on end. The little feather was very lonely although there were other birds who sometimes collected the feather and guarded it, keeping it safe and out of the weather. The same thing happened for several years and as time went on the Crow got angrier at the beautiful little feather and started to pluck bits out of it, often cawing at it vocalising nasty things.

After a while, another Crow came to the little Feather and flew away with it. This Crow started jumping up and down on it, trudging all over it messing its’ beauty up even more. The Feather went back and forth between the two Crows for many years being treated viciously by them both. Throughout the feathers time, many more Crows came along and took turns attacking it but the Feather never broke, its strong centre kept what was on the outside connected, if only hanging on by a thread. Nonetheless sad, lonely and weakened, the Feather knew no matter what happened the middle would always hold strong.

One day many years later the feather was floating along caught in a rare opportune breeze on a sunny day, it was lifted up off the ground and carried in the wind where it soared above looking down at all the beauty of the world as it began to float towards a cluster of trees where it landed in the nest of a Dove. The Dove peered down and saw the tattered black feather and thought it was beautiful. Perched on the edge of the nest the Dove peered down at the lonely feather of a crow admiring it with awe. Picking up the feather gently in its beak placing it softly in the safest part of the nest. The Dove proudly began to straighten out the messy parts of the feather with tender love, kindness and cared for it like nobody had ever before. Slowly the feather began to shine from the Doves love. The Feather knew and had accepted it was a Crows’ feather but wanted to be more like a Doves feather. The Dove carried the feather wherever it went and it saw more sun than ever before on all their adventures.

Slowly the feathers’ colour began to lighten and throughout many years it transformed into a bright golden colour. Other birds and feathers who were tattered, bent and impaired witnessed the incredible transition from black to golden and wanted to change their colour too.

Through the journies of the newly golden feather, the same opportune breeze which uplifted the little feather now collected many other feathers along the path who floated along safely and blissfully with the golden feather who too had managed to change their colours into beautiful bright colours of the rainbow. All these feathers continued to show other feathers over the years how to change their colours and be whichever colour they desired.

And so the journey of a Crows’ feather turned into one of a delightful Golden Feather which shows with love, light from outside and the strength within, anything can happen.

The End.

“Writing has given me a way of freely expressing myself, in fact, art as a whole has given me a way of expressing myself throughout my healing journey. Each piece of artwork, no matter what form it takes helps free what is inside of me and share it with others for both mine and their benefit. This is my story and about my goal to help others see they too can change their colours and allow their own beauty to radiate, no matter what shape their ‘feather’ took to begin with, no matter how bent, broken, scratched, dented or out of shape their feather was, it can be made into a full beautiful soft, strong, bright and colourful feather floating in the breeze, free.”

With Love,

3 thoughts on “A Feather In The Wind

  1. Wow… sis.. this made me cry. I love you. You’re a wonderful writer. I am so proud. I can’t wait to read your future best sellers.

    “Have you read Kayleen Castle’s book?!”… “Uhhh she’s my sister. I read it in Microsoft Word before her publisher even read it! Of course I’ve read it. Isn’t she amazing?” ❤


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