Say Hi! Some People Just Need Someone To Talk To!

Sometimes ‘hi’ can have so much meaning behind it which isn’t seen at first glance.
It can be a cry for help, for attention, for some company, to help heal some pain, to fill a void of loneliness. It might even be from you, who sees someone might be in need of help in one of these areas and you can see it, so you reach out and say ‘hi’.

I love feeling inspired to write about something ‘specific’ not that I don’t love to write every day, but today I feel inspired to share this special message!  A few people have Inspired me today, collectively – thank you !!

When someone tells you something, once, twice, three times – you HAVE to listen!!

A couple of people have said to me recently, and it seems to be the 3rd time I hear it or someone tells me I pay attention to it. This is probably the 3rd time I’ve said this exact line in the last couple of weeks. I feel it’s the universes way of telling me “there’s an important message here”.

The first time someone says something to me, I think “isn’t that nice” and it puts a smile on my face.
The 2nd time someone says it to me I think “oh, really, someone said that just recently, isn’t that really nice”.

The 3rd time I hear something I stop for a second and go, “hang on, this is now the 3rd time, there’s ‘something’ in this message”.

This makes me think about it a little bit more, pay a little more attention to what’s actually being said and ‘feel’ a little more why they’re saying it, or what exactly it means to me.

Words are more powerful than you think!

I know, I know, if you’ve read my stuff, you’ll hear me say “Words are really powerful and incredible things.” But it’s true, I can’t get enough of them!! (I think I probably sound like a broken record, touting this time and time again) Most of the time it’s words spoken, listening to or read which inspires others to do amazing things, to change their mindset, to pick someone up when they’re not feeling the best. It might simply be that ‘chat’ with a friend which lifts you back up, and sometimes you know you just need to hear someone’s voice, or listen / read their words and you know you’ll feel better.

Ultimately, this is actually how I got to this post, from chatting with someone today. A seemingly ‘random’ message from a fb friend who needed a ‘chat’. These chats (on many occasions with many different people) can be a couple of messages long or end up as hour long conversations, I love every single one of them! But today the words were written again… “How did someone so young get so much wisdom?” While it wasn’t exactly the same words 2 other people had written, a very similar meaning was behind each one of them.


  1. the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgement; the quality of being wise

I don’t think of myself of having “so much wisdom” but I can see where the comment may have come from. I’ve done a lot of soul searching over the past couple of years and many people seem to be drawn to me for many reasons. I get told a lot from people I’m inspirational and to keep doing what I’m doing, these messages are what keeps me going. Recently I was in a space where I didn’t feel my messages were being ‘heard’ and lost a little bit of motivation, like we all do from time to time. You can’t be ‘on’ 100% of the time, nor should you try to be, you’ll just burn yourself out. But I was reminded while on the phone with an incredible guy my messages are in fact being heard, read and they’re valued.

It was exactly what I needed to hear to get me back up again!!

These ‘spots’ or ‘spaces’ are a ‘normal’ part of life – Embrace them!

I’ve come to accept these ‘spaces’ now as a normal part of life. Sometimes SO much can happen in life it’s so fast paced, exciting, exhilarating and full of positive things, then we ten to not be so ‘uplifted’ and wonder what’s happened. This unfortunately can lead to what we call a ‘slump’, when in fact, most of the time, we just need to absorb everything, to slow down then speed back up again. It’s like Children’s growth, they grow outwards then upwards, the outwards growth is where their body takes in the previous growth and prepares for the next stage, it’s the same for us, I’ve come to accept it now and embrace it. Embrace these times, don’t get caught up with “I don’t know what’s wrong with me” you’ll only get yourself more down. Take the time to reflect on what you’ve learnt, absorb it then get ready for the next phase.

Anyway, I got side-tracked…. Sorry!

So getting asked today “how did someone so young get so much wisdom,” prompted me to think…… I don’t think it’s is wisdom I have, just my outlook on life.

My response to this question this afternoon:

“I think it’s my journey to shed more light on the world. To give and share my gift to as many people as possible. It’s a pleasure to be able to give and help others. It’s what I live for.”

When someone says ‘hi’ it can mean so much more than ‘hi’!

It was clear to me early in this conversation today, even had we not gotten to the point of this question,  what was needed. Simply: someone in need of a lift, just a chat, to feel better for talking to someone. It was said as much (in not so many words) and there are certain signs I can ‘see’ when chatting to someone, I can feel when someone is in need and I’ll never turn anyone away.

To give you some examples, these are all things said in the conversation today:

*Note – what I ‘thought’ I saw, may not be correct, however, it’s a educated guess.

“Thank you for being so friendly” (They may not see much friendliness / kindness)
“Thanks for chatting with me” (They don’t really have many people to chat to)

“I appreciate your time” (May not be given much time from other people)

(though I don’t feel this way – I always thank people for their time, out of gratitude, respect and appreciation)
“Only positivity I can find is people like yourself” (I’m not inspired or uplifted by anyone / anything)

“I don’t want to bother you” (I feel bad for wanting to take up your time, I’ll leave you alone if you’re too busy for me)

Then came this line here which confirmed everything I had already thought!

“I appreciate you wanting to help…. I probably want more of your friendship and be able to chat now and then and say hi, i think that will make a lot of difference for me”


Sometimes people just need somebody to talk to!

If someone reaches out and says ‘hi’, (I know we can get hundreds of messages saying ‘HI’ from certain profiles) but before turning someone away, maybe just take the time to say hi back, they might just need one little bit of kindness from another human being that day, and your kindness will make all the difference, you never know, they might do the same for you.

I remember one particular day someone sent me a message and said ‘hi’, I replied, cautiously. I asked a couple of questions to ensure I wasn’t speaking to a widowed navy officer with a teenage son…..! 😉 I found out all he wanted was someone to chat to. This guy who was dealing with so many inner demons was so profoundly impacted by me giving him my time, he said he’d never ever forget this day.

Keeping your energy in check. 

Every single message and person who I touch in some way has a profound impact on my life and builds the fire within me to get bigger and better, help more and more people ultimately fulfilling my life purpose, I have SO much to give. I am however, highly aware now, (due to a very important lesson I had to learn the hard way) that given this desire to ‘give, give, give,’ you can sometimes attract people who want to ‘take, take, take,’ and while I’m happy to give to those people also, as I said, nobody will be turned away, I’m just learning the amount to give to each person and not to empty my own cup, to keep myself filled up and allow the excess to flow. The lesson I learnt recently has given me the strength so I won’t allow what happened to me to happen again, however I also won’t allow it to deter me from talking to and saying ‘hi’ to others.

When you’re happy, you can help others be happy too. 

Energy exchanges happen all day, every day, and sometimes you’ll feel so uplifted just from being in someone’s presence, as they emit such positive energy, just the same as sometimes you can feel deflated from leaving someone’s presence as they were either emitting lower energies or unconsciously taking your energy from you. We all subconsciously do this, but I guess before I get off on another tangent, what I really wanted to say is a couple of things….

“You were born with the ability to change someone’s life, don’t ever waste it!”


My kindness and willingness to just ‘chat’ with him made the absolute world of difference to him that day and the fact he told me so much how he would “never forget” it had such a huge impact on me. I wasn’t doing anything worthy of any medals or trophies, I simply gave someone my time and said ‘hi’. We chatted for probably an hour maybe two, we never spoke again.

This has happened a few times, people have come along, some random strangers, we’ve chatted, I helped them in some way, we never speak again.

What you see is a perception of the true story!

”How did someone so young get so much wisdom”

”I get a great calm from you, which most never have, your lucky to have it so young”

“How did you get so smart”

What others ‘see’ is how I am now. Most don’t know how I’ve gotten here, what I’ve been through and how I’ve made my life what it is. Most don’t know my story (and we all have one). Some people see where I am and think I’ve had a great life, like this comment “Yes mayby but not every one is as lucky as u are hun. U have a family and nice house and are obviously living a good life.” What he saw is his perception only of things he can see on the surface (online). If he actually knew my story, he’d understand why I commented the kind words I had to him earlier that day when I saw something worthy of adding some ‘positivity’ to. This was the reason he messaged me, to say thank you. My response was “It wasn’t always that way mate. If you knew my story you’d know why I feel so strongly that way. What you see now is where I am now, I’ve been in the extreme opposite too. Xxxxxx”

This changed his perception and he wanted to hear more about my story!!

I love what I do – when you love what you do, you won’t work a day in your life!

What I do, say, act, share and write about comes from my heart and how I went against the odds and showed countless people I wasn’t going to turn out like they thought, or believed I would, I showed myself! I don’t pretend to be all wise, I don’t even consider myself ‘wise’, i just have a positive and healthy outlook and perspectives on life. I know I can create my life based on my thoughts and actions and am just trying to inspire others to see the light too. While I carry on my journey with many others also inspiring my path.

We are all teachers and we are all students. What we choose to teach is up to us. I choose LOVE.

The world needs your positivity!

No matter where you are or what you’re doing, add a smile to it! Say ‘hi’, spread some positivity, the world needs it and the world is a happier place with you in it, smiling !!

I leave you with this thought….

I was shared this today from a beautiful friend:

“I heard a story of twins where one became drunk and abusive like their father and the other was the opposite. When asked about it, one said – why would I want to be like that! And the other said – how could I be any different!”


I chose different, that’s how I am here, right now.

I chose different.

Love and Light

Love From Me!

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