I’m not a Network Marketer…… But I think everybody should be!

It’s taken me just over 15 months to figure it out, but it’s true, I’m not a Network Marketer, yet I believe everyone should be. Confused? Let me explain.

Before Network Marketing, (let’s shorten to NWM) I wouldn’t have been able to write this blog, for a few reasons, one being fear of putting myself out there! I have to say thought, being a Network Marketer has given me the most amazing and countless skills, abilities, friendships, possibilities, opportunities, experiences and SO SO much more, yet I’ve recently decided it’s not for me! In this post you’ll find part of my story along with advice and knowledge I wish to impart which is essential for any budding Network Marketer, even those who may already be in the industry.

The Shiny Carrot Dangled 

18 months ago wondering what i want to do when i ‘grow up’, feeling like I’ve got more to give yet unhappy with my stagnant progress of my ‘Career’. Sitting in front of two computer screens for 8 hrs a day feeling  I was wasting my life away, one, because the level of work I had to do i felt was WAY beneath my capabilities so I wasn’t challenged in the slightest meaning (without being big headed) and two, lacking the feeling I was contributing to life. What value was I giving? What significance was I going to leave by doing this for the rest of my working career? Ultimately that’s what we all want, aside from the basic human desire for love, we all want to be significant, yet that seemed such far stretch for me right then, I was stuck. We’d made a huge move to another state, built a great life for our family, what was next? Asking myself what I really wanted to do, ‘helping people’ was my answer. ‘How? Well anyway possible really’. This is where I get the most satisfaction and reward in life, so I started to seek a new pathway into Aged Care Administration (soft spot for the wiser generation) to ultimately one day become an Aged Carer. The plan, get experience in Admin within the industry, then when the kids were old enough for me to be able to study and work shift work become an Aged Carer. I felt a fire burning inside of me, excited and fired up by the fact this would give me job satisfaction, using my skills and abilities in an industry where I might be able to make a difference. Soon after applying for some roles, a kind lady advised me it’s extremely difficult to get into the industry without any prior experience / training / skills meaning I had to do a course or have already worked in the industry. Most admin roles were seeking RN’s (Registered Nurses). Once again, deflated at the reminder I will probably be stuck doing the same thing for years to come until I was in a position to do study. Study – YUK!! I am not someone who even slightly enjoys the thought of studying – but what else was I going to do, the answer, sit still. “It’s ok” I told myself, I have a job which I am grateful for, luckier than many, it’s a good job and flexible allowing me to work around my kids when I need to and as an added bonus, It’s only a 10 minute drive from home. Maybe those 2 there are just going to have to be enough and I’ll just sacrifice my happiness while I’m contributing to the household. Resigned to this, I carried on deep down still pining for another way, then BANG, there it was……(Law of Attraction right there) You can see where I’m going with this right… sound familiar?

New Beginnings

A new and incredible opportunity with a company which has just landed in Australia, still in pre-launch with the most amazing products and still at ground floor with the opportunity to earn residual income. (Residual income is amazing) Getting in early has major advantages. Having a chat with one of my girlfriends it all sounded too good to be true…. Totally skeptical I had my reservations (it’s natural and a good thing). Asking question after question I totally bombarded her with dozens of different questions to which some got answered and she offered for someone else more experienced to be able to answer my questions and give me further information, after all she was only new to this too. ‘It is MLM’ she said (like i was supposed to know what that meant) after the second time she said it, i had to ask ‘what’s MLM?’ ‘Multi-Level Marketing’ she replied. ‘Oh, ok’ i replied like i knew what she meant. (Whaaat??? I lived a sheltered life ok…) After a phone call that night, I spoke my honest truth “it sounds too good to be true, you could tell me the sky was pink and I’d believe you I’m that naïve, come to my door and sell me a $2000 vacuum cleaner, sure I’ll buy it!” A warm voice on the other end of the phone explained the simplicity of the system and my reservations started to fall away, the promise of a different way was opening up and sounding better and better, I wanted to give this a crack, everything sounded amazing. Being able to work a business around my current work and family commitments and have an extra income stream, sounded brilliant!! Speaking with my husband the next day, I called to ask if he wanted to meet up for lunch when he finished work. We’d not done this before although i had tried (So he immediately knew something was up). Sitting in subway I explained the system to him and how simple it was. 20 minutes a day and it could generate enough income for me to be able to work from home full time. I explained “I just have a gut feeling about this, that this is going to be great”. He supported my desire to start this business and i was excited to begin an exciting new adventure.

Getting Started

With the timing being so early, earlier was better than later (it always is right), the products excited me, the business opportunity excited me so I excitedly contacted my friend and said “I’m in!” ‘WHOOOO HOOOOOO’ i got as a response, whoa!! I was already blown away someone so excited FOR me…. paired with my excitement it was like Christmas. I got a notification on Facebook that I was added to a group and tagged in a post welcoming me to the team. My heart warmed at the post and I felt truly special. Not only that, but as i scrolled, there were numerous comments also welcoming me to the team with excitement. What even IS this??!! I thought to myself, such supportive and encouraging messages from total strangers I’d never even known before and all of a sudden I was enveloped with these warm wings. This was truly something special, I still remember the day and i doubt i’ll ever forget it!! 3 days later my package arrived (on a public holiday totally unexpected) and I just about squealed as i sat the box on my kitchen counter with the promise of a new life caged inside the 6 sides of the cardboard box. I couldn’t find the scissors quick enough and as I opened the box a true sense of overwhelming excitement riddled my blood as i smelt the ‘new plastic’ smell and saw the nicely wrapped stack of products lay inside. I immediately contacted my friend and told her I got my parcel, I was giddy with happiness. It even included a nice folder with brochures and it was all so professional, I’m not entirely sure what i was expecting but this was way above anything I anticipated.

Pure Excitement

It was such an exciting time in life, I was a week from going away to Bali, my first ever international trip, a new business venture, I couldn’t remember a time I had been this excited (apart from major milestones). I started taking the products and after 3 days I started to notice a real difference in my life and body functions. I was waking up before my alarm every morning, I was ready to hit the ground running. After being so depleted of a thing called ‘energy’ (what even was that??) I now had what felt like superwoman energy running through my veins and I had started to take on a new persona, a happy, energetic, positive, excited and inspired woman. I was truly high on life and due to the new levels of energy I had, I ‘literally’ wanted to run. I am not a runner (I might have been back in my school years), I soon learnt that was a common feeling once people started taking these products. I couldn’t believe the change within myself and so quickly too. This only increased my excitement and it was soon enough that I had people asking what I had been doing. I was sharing my genuine excitement and passion for what i’d found and they quickly wanted to know what I was doing. Most were really interested in what the products were and wanted to try them for themselves once they could hear and see what they’d done for me so far so I shared some samples. All of this was just so incredible and exciting and not only all of that above, but I now had an authentic way I could help people, that i could make a difference in people’s lives…. something i mentioned earlier was a really important value to me, this is going to be GREAT!!!!!!

Becoming a Network Marketer

I’d done the training and started the steps we were shown to share the business with others. Everyone knows there are two games in Network Marketing or MLM, Recruiting and Sales. One of my reservations before joining was the fact you had to sell “i’m not a sales person” i pleaded having seen party plan before, the idea was not something I knew i would enjoy. (i’m sure at least 50% of people have this reservation) however, I quickly learnt I didn’t need to be a sales person and found it easy enough to get some customers with my genuine excitement about what the products could do for them, natural, simple and what your body needs. Recruiting, well I’d never done it in this sense before but it happened easily enough to me… a friend told me how excited she was about a new opportunity she had come across and piqued my interest and i asked more questions, eventually thought it would be great for me too, not that hard right?….. Wrong (in my case). There are some people out there with BRILLIANT recruiting skills, but if it’s not a natural talent of yours, it’s quickly something you need to learn. Of course there’s a system designed to help you so you don’t need to be a ‘Professional Recruiter’ or even very knowledgeable in the industry to be able to recruit, I mean my friend with zero MLM experience had quickly recruited nearly 10 people inside a couple of weeks…. As i was saying, recruiting. So we had a way of approaching people, all being so new we had some scripts we could use (another thing that sold me as I said I wouldn’t know what to say) so having scripts from someone else i could just copy and paste, EASY, i can do that!!!! Ways to promote it on your FB profile and generate interest, cool (and it worked too), however one crucial mistake I made was absolutely slamming, and I mean SLAMMING anyone who showed interest on social media and not mention the cold market too (P.S … Don’t do that). I mean, really REALLY badly. My message was a gazillion pages long with more info than you’d find if you opened a double page in a dictionary, this is what they wanted right…. ALL the info i could possibly ram down their throat all in one go….. Yeah, you guessed it… NOT!!! While i did get a ‘YES’ in my first week which excited me to no end, it went nowhere before i went to Bali and I didn’t want to ‘work’ while i was on holiday so I was left eagerly waiting. It eventually (eventuallllllly) became a no which disappointed me, and in the meantime I’d spoken to my sister about it, shared it with her and her friend and my sister said she was in when she raised the funds. WHOOO HOOO!!! This isn’t so bad after all. I Joined end of June, my sister joined early July and i didn’t get another recruit until early August (which had it’s own hassles) yet that seemed to be the easiest yes i’d ever gotten, he saw the value in the opportunity and was ALL IN (his words). I got another recruit in October (a surprise while i was away) which was exciting, someone else i’d be able to personally work with and mentor, yet I wasn’t quite as excited as I was when I first joined. I was enjoying it, but i was quickly finding my original beliefs of how this would be wasn’t quite what it played out to be. I attended all the events, was on all the calls, I stuck to the system, checked in with my support team and was doing all the right things yet I just couldn’t seem to gain any momentum.

Personal Growth

For any seasoned Network Marketer or anyone who’s new to the game, considering or not yet experienced, the one thing that will happen ultimately if you persist is Personal Growth. I didn’t even know what that was before I started, but you will grow and learn so much about yourself I can guarantee you now, you just don’t know how far you’ll go.

Listen to leaders

Those who are already successful are successful for a reason, (I’ve always paid heady attention to those who are respected) everyone of them said “you need to invest in personal growth”. A tag line which got mentioned at least twice was “Network Marketing is essentially a Personal Growth Program with a Compensation Plan attached”. I have to tell you, they’re 100% right. The advice came with recommendations which I personally highly recommend for anyone embarking on this journey (The 4 Agreements by Miguel Ruiz, this book is an absolute must in life, even if you’re not in network marketing, totally changed my life) and the second must is ‘Go Pro’ by Eric Worre specifically for NWM – if you’re in NWM and haven’t read the book, turn the computer off right now and go get it (just kidding, finish reading this first 😉 ) but anyone who’s serious about learning about network marketing needs to read this book. There are plenty more which will help you on your journey, but start with these, don’t forget audiobooks and inspirational and motivational videos too, there’s an endless range of things which will help you.

Immersing Yourself in Personal Growth

So from July – December when I couldn’t grasp any momentum in my business and I watched those around me soar in the business which I was genuinely happy for to no end but I was left wondering what I was doing wrong. So I immersed myself in personal growth and followed the lead of the leaders who wanted to create more leaders, that was me. I knew I wanted to be a leader and be among those who could be looked up to and help mentor more people, I really desired to be at my best. Although I hadn’t built the business much in terms or recruiting, I had made my investment back within the first 3 months mostly through my customer base having bonuses turn up in my bank account I didn’t even know what it was for, but hey, no complaints here!! Making your investment back within the first couple of months in traditional business is highly unlikely, however the fact you have the potential to do that in NWM makes it another great reason to get involved, minimal risk.

Dawning Realisation

I was coming to a pivotal moment in my life, encroaching 30 and really changing the person I was becoming and my outlook on what I wanted for my future. It was a sobering moment “i HAVE to do this” I told myself. Get your shit together…. I’d done good for myself, don’t get me wrong, from where I was as a child to where I was now, we’d done well for our little family, but I had a peek into what was possible now and I wanted more in life. Not that I was unhappy with what I had, I just felt the drive to achieve greater things but there were just some stumbling block I couldn’t seem to get over, the approach we had been taught just wasn’t working for me like it was working for others…. why?? WHY??? With frustration and persistence, I downloaded and listened to recorded calls with coaching advice and all of a sudden something was discussed in a way which I just KNEW would work for me. Fire once again building inside of me, I knew what i had to do. It was the end of the year and with common courtesy I left it until new year when everyone had come off of holidays and got back in touch with my prospects with this new approach, my feeling was dead on. From one 3-way call in 6 months to 4 within a month, BINGO I was on a winning streak. What had changed….. my approach was genuine and authentic. I wasn’t saying what i’d been taught, well i was, but it was authentic to me, it sounded like ME, not somebody else. I was comfortable speaking in this tone / language and it worked for nearly every single person I used it with. I felt so much better about this and with re-ignited passion I shared this with my team to help them succeed too.

Safety Net (Comfort Zone)

Even though i’m not well versed in NWM (only ever been with 1 company) I can just about bet you bottom dollar that your leaders will tell you outside your comfort zone is where the magic happens (there are many other ways to say it) but ultimately, you will need to grow outside of the ‘normal’ comfort zone you’re used to living in, you’ll have to be comfortable getting uncomfortable, and THAT truly is where the magic happens. Regardless of the business model, be it traditional businesses or NWM, the same thing applies, goes the saying “to have what you’ve never had, you’ll have to do what you’ve never done” and that alone implies moving into the unknown, outside the comfort zone. This magnificent place is where you start to learn your true capabilities, to understand how far you can go. You start to get a glimpse of who you can really be and what you can do. You’ll do things you’re inexperienced at or you won’t, if you don’t, you won’t grow, simple as that! Fear is what usually holds us back, fear of judgement, success, failure…. my best advice, feel the fear and do it anyway. I still remember the first time I stepped on stage when I was asked to share my testimonial and present our products to a crowd….. I can still feel the trembles running through my legs and whole body, it was TERRIFYING, absolutely TERRIFYING, but i was so keen to get outside my comfort zone from listening to the leaders that I followed through and at the end of it I felt INCREDIBLE!!! There’s such a sense of elation when you accomplish something you were fearful of. Listen to Nike ‘Just Do It’. Whatever it is you’re afraid of whether it be public talking, cold calling, presenting or anything else, push yourself or allow yourself to take up the opportunity to get past your fears. Some fears are absolutely massive to the point of phobias, that’s a different story one I won’t touch on, but I can guarantee you if you start off small, you’ll eventually build yourself up enough that you’ll thrive on the fear and use it to your advantage, it’s SO exciting when you can get past the fear and say BRING IT ON!!! I love presenting now, still get nervous and clammy but I know the end of the presentation i’ll have adrenaline pumping through my body, it’s a brilliant starting stage (no pun intended). Get comfortable being uncomfortable. 95% of society are comfortable being comfortable. Be part of the 5%, go for it!

Stretching Your Mindset – Expanding Your Horizons

One of the major things I have gained from my experience, is having my eyes opened and mindset changed to the big wide world (and in total honesty, still probably only a small percentage of what there is). My imagination and visions were completely blown apart being exposed to this industry, the ability to dream and know that it doesn’t have to be’just a dream’, you begin to find and importantly take the steps required to take you there. You start to get vision and inspiration at thinking of the bigger picture and what it is you can achieve and have in your life. I urge you, think big. It’s nice to say “i’d like to have some extra pocket money”, if you’re doing this for that and that alone, great, that works for you, fantastic. But if you want more, desire more out of life, big things and just have that deep down feeling you were meant to do something, or you have always wanted that major pipe dream, you’ve got to ‘think big’. Bigger rewards come often with bigger challenges but they’re oh so sweet when you have them sitting in the palm of your hand.  I mean can you imagine the day, the day you look back upon that younger version of yourself who said ‘if only i could have…..’ and now you’ve got it, how sweet success would taste knowing you worked your butt off to get you there. That’s not just NWM, but any business or industry, that’s something you can gain out of this experience, a change in mindset, it’s the perfect platform. Once you’ve got your vision, you’ve got to be grounded in how you’re going to get there. Set goals, tasks, follow through, a goal without a deadline is just a dream! Have an accountability buddy, that’s another incredible thing about this industry, the friends you make and the people you meet. Oh man, you will have so much to be grateful for when you surround yourself with like-minded people, those who follow the same passions as you, who lift you up and believe the same things you do and just ‘get it’, it’s amazing, and you’ll need them!


NWM is all about relationship building! This is VITAL information, so listen up as this might just be the most crucial piece of advice you could get. Do not, I repeat, do NOT, try and recruit everybody at your wedding…….. no I’m serious!! (Wasn’t me) It’s been done and i’m sure on more than one occasion. Be mindful of your approach to people, no matter what company you’re with. Here are some Do’s to help you on your journey:

* Do remember you are a human, not a robot.
What do i mean? Make every single one of your approaches genuine and personalised. (Something as simple as using the persons first name) There’s nothing worse than getting a generic message randomly which is 10 pages long telling you the ins and outs of what you had for breakfast, and why. GUILTY! I think everyone would have done this once in their life, you get excited, i get it. You want to share it with the world, i get it. You think EVERYONE should join your team…. I GET IT!! But they don’t, not initially anyway. You’ll come across as annoying and possibly be avoided because all you ever want to do is talk about your company and what it does, how it would be amazing for them and they could get X,Y, Z if they do A, B, C…. I GET IT, but you have to remember, you’re a human, and preserve the relationships you have. Be YOU first. How would you speak with a friend you talk to on a weekly basis? Remember that, and start the conversation (any conversation) off like you normally would, authentically. The same for someone you might not have spoken to for a while, or even a stranger. If you were to approach someone in the street to ask them the time, would you walk up and say “Hi I was just wondering what the time was, by the way, you should join my team, it’s amazing, …. ” and start going on about everything, get the picture… they’ll probably think you’re nuts. “Excuse me, how are you today? I was wondering if you could please tell me the time”…. HUMAN! Be yourself, don’t become a crazed NWM’r who goes crazy and starts talking to all the mums at school and every single time they see you they’ll see your company coming before you do and possibly start trying to avoid you. It’s happened more times than you could imagine and unfortunately one of the reason NWM gets such a bad rap. Just be you, be excited and be happy to share the opportunity but do it in a way which is genuine to you, your excitement might generate interest, and if that happens and you get asked questions AWESOME that’s great, just drip feed info, don’t shove it in people’s faces, let it be organic.

*Do Be Transparent

Don’t fake it until you make it, it’s sets up unreal expectations and most of the time people see through it.

*Do remember the opportunity is for THEM!
Yes we need people to join our team to grow our business but doing it for you won’t get you your desired long term results. When you choose to approach someone and share the opportunity with them, don’t come across as desperate, my pet hates “join my team”or “I’m looking for 3 people”, I did it, contrary to popular belief, nobody is perfect, but after I learnt I saw just how it was, hopefully I can save you some pain (and save others eye rolls). Nobody, NOBODY is going to want to join your team because YOU want them. They’ll see it a mile away, instead offer value to them. Why would they want to join your team. What would they get out of the opportunity? These are the things you need to think about when approaching someone or sharing an opportunity with someone, it’s about connecting and finding a reason or a ‘need’ for them. If they’re happily living their life with enough money, healthy and following their own passions, chances are they’re not looking for an opportunity. However, we know that if you’ve gotten into NWM, there was a reason behind it and great news is, there are many people out there looking for an opportunity they just haven’t found it yet. A bit like me 15 months ago. I had a reason, I wanted something else, I was looking for something new and my friend found a way to show me how it could help. If you can find that reason for someone else, then approach them and share and explain, openly and genuinely (without shoving it down their throat) how your opportunity would find a way to help them with what they’re seeking, you’ve got a winning combo. Gaining their interest by showing them you care about them and what it could do for them, they’ll appreciate it and be much more open to looking further into the opportunity.

*Do respect their opinion.
This is another important one. If there is someone who denies the chance to look at the opportunity further or says it’s not for them, accept that. It’s best to say ‘no worries, thanks for listening, I appreciate you being open to listening, if you ever change you’re mind or your situation changes, the door is always open to come back and speak to me about it.’ They’ll again appreciate the fact you didn’t get on the defensive and start telling them why they need to look at it and listen to you etc etc. It’s not for everyone. Also, sometimes when this happens, you may be met with quite a negative response, and I refer to my section of ‘Becoming A Network Marketer’ when i said read the 4 Agreements…. if you’ve read this book and get met with a negative response (which is more than likely to happen at one time or another) you’ll have to tools to be able to deal with it in the best way possible for both parties and eliminate the risk of ruining friendships or relationships.

*Do seek making new friends.
One – this is fun, and two – over 50% of the people who end up joining your business will be people you didn’t know before you started. Let that sink in for a minute! Not everyone you know will join your business, and if you want to grow it organically to create a nice little residual income for yourself, you’ll need to meet new people, it’s a fact. So definitely hit up new groups and start chatting with others, get to know some more people. It’s best to build a relationship and some trust between the both of you before you approach them with your business opportunity, AND, only do so when you feel you’ve found a need for them, also please know, this doesn’t have to be the first time you’re chatting, it might actually be months after you’ve started building a relationship. Don’t rush or push it, be open and ask questions, great leaders ask questions. There will be genuine questions about what it is you do when chatting with new people, which of course go ahead and discuss what you do, but do it in a way that you’re excited about you’re opportunity but make it a one liner…. “I have my own business in X industry” for example, don’t respond with a whole paragraph of what it is you do. If they’re interested to know more, they’ll ask questions. This can actually be a great tactic, however don’t let it take over your reason for networking in the first place. (I did). I contacted people with an ulterior motive… just to share the opportunity with them, find their need and try and get them to join my team. Remember, be you, get to know people ‘just coz’.

This whole thing is relationship building and the quicker and earlier you get good at doing this, the better outcomes you will have in building your business, both internally and externally as you’ll have a team to be able to build relationships with too. AND another great thing about networking is you never know who you might meet and what paths those connections might lead you down. It’s mysteriously exciting!!

Become a Business Owner

Becoming a NWM’r pushed me into wanting to find new leads and grow my business (that’s the whole point, right) so i signed up for a course “15 Clients in 15 Days” (Click here for more info http://bit.ly/15-cst) it sounded amazing, completely blew my mind and challenged me to understanding the way businesses work. Seriously, if you sincerely want to build your business and become a Successful Entrepreneur, I highly recommend you do this course. I cannot speak highly enough of the team and their combined knowledge and wisome, they are all absolutely incredible. 2 girls from my group got 176 clients in 15 days! And i know of others since then who’ve gotten in the 300’s. If you don’t get your 15 clients in 15 days, you can do the course again for free, but it’s guaranteed you’ll get it if you follow the steps and actions you’re asked to do.

After doing this course, I was no longer a Network Marketer, I became a Business Owner and by becoming a ‘Business Owner’ i realised there are many more ways of creating income streams, which stretched my imagination and my visions became bigger. The whole team at YWS have stretched my intelligence and vision more than i ever thought possible.

Branching Out From a Network Marketer

So when you become a Network Marketer, don’t always be a ‘Network Marketer’, work hard, grow and become a Business Owner. Conduct yourself at all times as you would a traditional business, be professional, courteous, respectful and appreciate it and yourself for what it is you’re doing. This is the time of the Entrepreneur and people becoming their own bosses, so don’t take it for granted and give it ALL you’ve got! It’s hard work and it’s an endurance race. Don’t expect to become a millionaire overnight, but through persistence and hard work, dedication and commitment lies success.

Negativity in NWM

I like to talk positively, however being honest, you’re gonna cop flack for being in NWM. Most of the time simply because of a lack of understanding and poor mindset of those around you. It’s copped a bad rap for many years and you’ll hear the words ‘pyramid scheme’ more than once or ‘ponzi scheme’, unfortunately, things that happened decades ago have left a bitter taste in many people’s mouths which tends to be passed on as ‘learned’ opinions rather than informed ones. The industry is fantastic and I refer to my first point, lack of understanding is a root cause. The best thing you can do is NOT get into a debate online about it, it will serve nobody any good, just don’t respond to it directly. Explain what you’ve got, how it works and if you’re stuck, reach out to one of your support system with help for a response. NWM is an amazing industry and has hundreds of thousands if not millions of people who successfully have built and run their business’ and absolutely LOVE what they do. If you understand this and work on your own mindset, you can choose to ignore or educate but best become a warrior and power on, don’t react (this is where both books I suggested come in handy) There will be people who may try and hold you back, or are unsupportive, who won’t see your vision and may make judgements of you, this can be hard to take sometimes, especially when it’s close. Be proud of your own decision and allow goodness to surround you, don’t take hold of any negativity and choose to ignore it. Ignoring it may also feed others opinions of you…. (the 4 Agreements…. the 4 Agreements)…. get it? Got it? Good!! 🙂


So if you’re a budding Network Marketer

Or an ex Network Marketer, I hope you’d agree with me, that by joining this industry, you can gain more than just an income, there’s a lifetime of memories, skills and experiences inside this industry. Even if you’re just looking for ‘something’ else in your life, give NWM a go, you never know where it will take you. Do your research, find what aligns with your own values and ethics, what platforms do they use (online or party plan) find a product you can get passionate about (you won’t get far if you don’t believe in the product) find out the investments involved and what works for you, research the company and the owners, their history and background, the company and how well established they are and make an informed decision and get to work. !! Immerse yourself in learning and growing, work hard, take it seriously but have fun, it’s SO much fun and the sky is the absolute limit. Break down those barriers and walls you built around yourself and grow your wings and soar the sky. You only get one life, live it to the absolute fullest. I wish you all the absolute best in your journey, no matter where it takes you, regardless of how long you’ve been in the industry or which company you’re with!


I was extremely lucky to have been involved in such an incredible company right from the beginning and it gives me so much joy and pleasure to see the continual growth and all the lives changed and impacted around me. I’ll never stop taking the products, they’ve change my life and if anybody was to approach me about joining the company I would have nothing but gracious words and praise for everything about them putting them in touch with incredible leaders. I am so utterly grateful for every single moment I’ve had and all the support from my friends and family, team, leaders and the company, it’s been the ride of a lifetime and i’m looking forward to the next chapter. And to my beautiful friend who first offered me this opportunity, you’ll always hold such a special place in my heart for through you I was able to find me again and now have such an exciting future ahead of me.

My Final Word

That was a long blog post, I know, but I really felt the urge to give as much of what I learnt as I could without rambling for days as one part of my life merges into another, a last hurrah if you will. It’s cleansing to be able to share everything in a positive light!

I’m not a network marketer, but i think everyone should be…. because the industry has SO much to offer, both personally and professionally. Who you can become plus the abilities and opportunities that are encased in this industry are mind blowing. I’m moving on because through this industry, I’ve found passion for other things. A new LOVE of writing, becoming an Author and Inspirational Speaker, allowing me to get my story out there and inspire as many people as possible among a couple of other extremely exciting things i’m working on (i’m keeping close to me for now). I have loved absolutely EVERYTHING about my journey. It’s an emotional roller-coaster but I’ve thrived and grown so much as a person, I’m so proud of who I’ve become and this chapter of my life may be closing but I wouldn’t change a thing! The people I’ve met and friendships I’ve built, the lives I’ve been able to change by being partnered with the company and sharing the products has had me crying with tears of pride on many occasions for what we achieved and just how we changed people’s lives. The support I have received, my god, having a group of people have my back when I was at my lowest absolutely changed my life. I never knew something so incredible existed, even just for the support and people I’ve met, this experience was more than worth it.  I’ve been so empowered and liberated throughout my whole experience which is why i wanted to share this with the World Wide Web.


So for now until next time when I have the next exciting post to share with you (it won’t be this long, I promise), you can follow me on my fan page on facebook here http://www.facebook.com/AThoughtfulPerspective or Instagram @ThoughtfulPerspectives and keep an eye out for daily inspirational posts.

Love and Light.

2 thoughts on “I’m not a Network Marketer…… But I think everybody should be!

  1. Awesome Post There. Definitely need to work on myself and apply what i have just learned.

    Thanks for sharing it was very helpful and has made a great deal of difference.


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